F i n e   F u r n i t u r e   b y   B r i a n   P e t e r s


Brian Peters Custom Furniture
Box 49 Margaree Center
Nova Scotia, Canada
B0E 1Z0



Orders and Commissions

The bulk of my work is done through orders and commissions. I am flexible in the design process and can accommodate most clients’ schedules and preferences. However, unless I already have what you are looking for, a minimum of six months should be allowed for design, construction, and delivery.

The following information is needed before I can propose a design and esimate:

1. Name, shipping and mailing address, telephone number, email address.

2. Furniture info:
i. appropriate size and quantity
ii. any design preferences, style, color, etc.
iii. size and features of the room(s) in which furniture will be located
iv. your time frame
v. approximate budget
vi. any special instructions

Typically, I will respond with a preliminary concept for the design, and suggest the wood to be used. If helpful, I can email pictures of similar pieces I have made in the past. Inevitably, I will send a list of questions, the answers to which will help in the design process.

Communication can take place by phone, email or in person, and will continue until the design is finalized.

Pricing and Deposits

You can get an idea of the price range of my furniture from the catalogue on the Designs page. (Keep in mind that every design is unique and all pieces are handmade from the best materials available.)

When we decide on a design, I will propose an approximate price, which may change depending on revisions.

Upon agreement, I will ask for a 50% deposit to cover the cost of materials and design. The remainder of the cost is payable immediately prior to shipping.

Payments can be made by money order, certified cheque or direct deposit. Sorry, I do not accept credit cards.


I can arrange shipping to any place in Canada and the US, as well as most international destinations. To facilitate shipments to the US, I have a customs agent, as well as a Free Trade Agreement account, which exempts my products from duty.

The client is responsible for the cost of shipping. I will search for the most reasonable and reliable carriers, and keep you informed of all arrangements.

A crating and handling charge is applied, ranging from $50 to $100 per crate, depending on size. I will provide an estimate of crating, handling, and shipping costs during the design phase.

Box 49 Margaree Center, Nova Scotia, Canada B0E 1Z0    /    peterscoady@ns.sympatico.ca  /  902.248.2211